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We are an international organisation based in Europe running both full trainings and shorter programmes worldwide promoting a new way of looking at movement education.

The aim of the International School for Bothmer® movement is to train people to professionally work with Bothmer movement. Through the understanding of the human organisation in its many levels, as practically experienced through Bothmer movement, a qualitative enhancement in the various professional fields in which people work with Bothmer movement will be possible.

what we do
Bothmer® Movement International embraces all training directions and streams that have been developed in Bothmer® Gymnastics through the cultural and personal identity of the people carrying them. This will strengthen the quality of the training and the students will greatly benefit.

Course participants will develop an understanding of the principles that lie behind human movement. The three planes and six directions of space and the qualities they generate. The relationship between inner and outer space and between imaginative and movement space.

Sport and active leisure is a huge part of modern day living, why? More people in Britain go to a gym on Sundays than go to church. What is driving this physical body culture?

We can come closer to answering these questions when we learn to move with and become familiar with the different qualities of the forces in the space around us. Re-educating the physical body and movement habits takes each participant through a subtle process of self-development.

The fundamental impulse of the course is derived from the work of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, 1861 - 1925, who was responsible for many innovative ventures in medicine, agriculture, education and the arts.

Count Fritz von Bothmer developed the fundamental exercises in collaboration with Rudolf Steiner in the 1920's. Bothmer came to create these exercises through a profound understanding of the way spatial forces pass around and through the human being.

Bothmer® gymnastics formed the basis of the curriculum of the first Steiner Waldorf School in Stuttgart. The exercises trace, enhance and strengthen the developing consciousness of the growing person through the various stages of development.

For further information please contact:
Martin Baker - United Kingdom
2 The Cheverils , Priory Road, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5JA, UK
Telephone: +44 (0) 1342 826 677

Stephan Thilo - Deutschland
Karl-Bautz Str. 10 D-79312 Emmendingen
Telephone: +49 (0) 7641 9677631

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